'Mother Nature is the greatest artist, and water is one of her favorite brushes. The element of water alters our vision and impressions. Known forms transition into new, unique and often startling creations, often beyond our expectations. Whether it is an entire ocean, a lake, a river, a pond or a single drop of water, the essence of liquid is transformative. ' —Rico Besserdich

Song of Silence is an art book that will take you on a journey into the essential, ineffable beauty of the mighty element, water.

The potential of reflecting the relationship between mankind and water, building bridges between societies, cultures and countries, uniting people and awakening a greater environmental awareness; this is the goal. Song of Silence has one single purpose, a vision of global unity. A look from a different perspective can make all the difference in the world.

97 people from 47 different countries contributed their personal thoughts about the beauty and importance of the element that unites as all, water. Their words are visualized by artful images of water. Divers, artists, philosophers, craftsmen, fishermen, housewifes, children, conservationists, medics, bank directors and many more were involved. Several Nobel laureates such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. José Ramos-Horta, Dr. Tawakkol Karman, Sir John B. Gurdon and Professor May-Britt Moser contributed their words, other word contributors are Eckhart Tolle, Dean Kamen, Monica Green, Ricardo Donoso, His Exellency Jose Goni, Gunilla Lundgren and so many more.

Arts, science and philosophy working together hand in hand to create a positive universal message about something that is greater than all of us, water.

Book specifications

"Song of Silence - A Book about Water" by Rico Besserdich

Limited Collectors Edition, 500 copies, each copy autographed by the author.

30x30cm (12x12 inch), Hardcover, 132 pages (170gr/m2 high-end photo paper). 4-color offset print with aqua varnish, UV varnish on the cover.

Date of publication: November 2017

ISBN: 978-605-82119-0-2

Visual philosopher Rico Besserdich created a blue ode to our life support system. This fine art photography book reminds us that the intrinsic beauty of water has an alchemical effect that unifies the planet, on many levels. Song of Silence represents the culmination of four decades of preparation both creatively and spiritually. Text has been contributed by a diversity of people from around the world including several Nobel laureates: his Holiness the Dalai Lama, José Ramos-Horta, Sir John B. Gurdon and Professor May-Britt Moser.

Laurie Wilson
Blue Ocean Network

Rico Besserdich

Rico Besserdich, the author of Song of Silence - A Book About Water, is an independent professional photographer, artist and visual philosopher specialized on "Aquatic Imaging", the art of imaging utilizing water as the key element of expression. His images were published and featured hundreds of times in magazines and books all around the world. His mission to raise awareness for the importance of water earned him recognition by the NOBEL Organisation, the United Nations, the Swedish Parliament, among others.